At this time we do not offer research consultations in English. If you are interested in a consultation in Dutch, follow the link below for the current overview.

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Students wanted!

Currently, there are no vacancies available that are offered in English. Should you be interested in vacancies that are in Dutch, please follow the link below.

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Make free use of professional analysis tools

Available on a desktop in the CMI, location FMB 0.037

At the Centre for Market Insights, we have innovative tools that can help you get the most out of your research. We also have the necessary tools to display your results in a beautiful way. A graphical dashboard, for example, or a tool to conduct online surveys and software programs to analyse social media data.

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We make data understandable

The power of data vizualisation

Organisations collect a lot of data that is often left unused. The Centre for Market Insights considers this a waste. By analysing (customer) data you can gain interesting insights that help you to optimise your marketing strategy. We turn your data into interactive dashboards and clear visualisations that quickly give you the right insights for making marketing decisions.

Curious about which cases we have created data visualizations for?

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For business

Using marketing opportunities together

Our experts take on challenging research projects for top companies in the field of digital commerce and marketing analytics. Customer research, big data analysis and social media scans: nothing is outside the realms of possibility. We offer companies concrete insights based on data to optimise their marketing strategy. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are vital in this process. By investing in research together, education is also improved. A win-win situation. So, let’s join forces and find answers to the marketing challenges of today and tomorrow.

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